Classes & Private Lessons


In a fun and experiential way, online astrology classes offer a much deeper understanding of your own chart and the chart of those around you. The class offers personal growth and healing, as well as enhanced skills for relating and communicating with others. The environment is safe and supportive, and the information is taught in an easily understandable way.

In the first session, using metaphors, archetypes, and myth, we will cover the basics of reading an Astrological chart, including the Elements, Planets, Signs, and Houses. We will take a first look at aspects (aspects are the relationships between the Planets) and in how to begin to think about interpretations. It is great for both beginners and people with experience in astrology.

In follow up classes we will delve more deeply into aspects, interpretations, and looking at your chart in relation to others in your life such as family, friends, and partners.

My method of teaching is interactive using role plays, visuals, sharing, and dialogue so that students not only understand the material intellectually, they get a deeper feeling for it and understand the bigger picture in an internal way.

Students are encouraged to integrate with the material in their own way and question the material through their own style of learning.

Many students take the class simply to get a more thorough understanding of their own chart.

In a reading by someone else, what is offered is just the tip of the iceberg; in other words you simply experience that person’s interpretation of the bigger picture.

By understanding your own chart dynamics, you get a deeper and more integral perspective, including personal growth and healing that can be transformative.

You will have the opportunity to examine the nature of your own inner dynamics, successes, conflicts and interpersonal relationships as seen through Psychological Astrology.

Classes are 8 weeks long, 2.75 hours per week, one night a week. Dates and times of upcoming classes will be announced. We use Zoom which allows us to meet as a whole group as well as break out into groups of 2 and 3 for sharing, practice, and feedback.

There are simple homework assignments and some assigned reading. For students who want more (optional) there is an extended reading list and assignments.

Group is currently in session (2023)
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Wednesday Evenings, 6:15-9:00pm, 2024
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PRIVATE LESSONS are for people with experience in Astrology who want more, who want feedback on their interpretations or who have specific questions. These can be individual sessions or a few people at a time. They will be customized based on the students needs; we can cover specific topics or look at the larger picture. Privates can be scheduled for 1 or 2 hours, or weekly sessions with a group.


Astrology Class is super fun and engaging! For the first time, I felt how I can really trust my intuition and path. It was also enlightening to other students awaken and come home to themselves. Barbara, with her energy, humor, and directness guides students effortlessly through learning astrology and makes sure that everyone is getting both the material and growth.
Barbara’s blend of personal gifts and skills, along with her unique perspective is truly transformative. Her ability to help others understand themselves better and become the best version of THEM comes through in every way.
I highly recommend Naci Astrological! I feel the utmost confidence in sending anyone I care about because I know they will be served in the highest possible way.

April Asher
Relationship Coach